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Taking Your 3D Parts and Prototypes to the Next Dimension!
Rapid Prototyping
Rapid prototyping is a fast and affordable way to evaluate your product and make necessary adjustments before you begin costly full-scale production. Use our 3D Printers for your concept designs, presentation models, packaging development, functional testing, and much more.

3D Printing is a cost-effective method for creating unique parts that can be used directly in the manufacturing process, including complex parts with otherwise difficult-to-create geometries. Our parts can be strengthened to meet your needs via a variety of infusion and plating options.
Industrial Design

Top automotive design firms use 3D Printing to shift their concepts into high gear. 3D Printers can be used from concept creation to production planning, allowing designers and engineers to increase the speed of the development process (as well as the speed of the final product)!

Leading architects, engineers, and contractors have adopted full-color 3D Printing as a critical part of the design, development, and delivery. From concept to construction, our models can help to increase innovation, improve communication, reduce costs, and win business.

Exhibition Displays and Training Tools
Full-color scale models with cut-away sections are a great way to show your customers and employees exactly how your designs work. Use them as display items at trade shows or as tools to train your operators on the inner workings of their equipment. Our full-color models can even display instructional text, FEA data, and more!

Healthcare organizations worldwide increasingly rely on accurate 3D anatomical models for pre-surgical planning, specialist consultation, custom implant fit and design, patient counseling, and medical education.
Medical Models

Geographical Information
Geographical Information Systems are used to communicate topographical information and help development organizations make better decisions. A 3D physical map displays much more information than a flat image, and our printers can produce sophisticated cartography at a very low cost.

From arts & crafts to toys & games, 3D Printing can bring your one-of-a-kind creations to life in vibrant color. Whether you're designing a custom avatar or sculpting a scale model, the only limit is your imagination. If you can design it, we can print it!
Toys & Entertainment

No matter their field of studies, students can use 3D Printing to gain a competitive edge as they hone their skills. Our process can help enhance projects in a variety of disciplines, including mechanical engineering, architecture, industrial design, biomedical research, and the fine arts.

With 3D Printing, the customization options are infinite. Create everyday objects with your own personal flare, or print personalized 3D giveaways that your customers will display, not file away. 4D Parts Direct offers coloring and design services to help make every part you print uniquely yours.
Custom Products

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